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#1 2005-03-13 20:04:45

Xinha Authority
From: College Park, Md, USA
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Bug? config.width = 'auto' causing scrunching problem.

bug tracker is down, so I'll post this here before I forget it.

Using FireFox 1.0 under Linux, I've been noticing that the editor area is being displayed "scrunched up". It happens noticeably if, let's say, you have part of the text area scrolled off the right of the screen. The resulting editor will only be as large as the part that was visible at the time the editor was created.

Setting the config option "width" from "auto" to "toolbar" corrects the problem as the editable region will be as wide as the toolbar, which in most cases is what you want.

Is there any reason not to have the default width set to "toolbar" instead of "auto"?

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#2 2005-03-19 00:36:11

Xinha Leader
From: New Zealand
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Re: Bug? config.width = 'auto' causing scrunching problem.

Probably not, I may have just done that to be compatable with htmlarea.  Trac is back up for now (damn sqlite is freaking unstable, at least for us - I've asked at the trac mailing list a couple of times and nobody else seems to have the problem).  I have no objection to the change so go ahead as far as i'm concerned,

You might want to ticket it incase it causes anybody problems.

James Sleeman


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